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Dear Students/Parents It is pleasure to introduce “Bright Future Institute of Technology” in the field of High Quality Computer education & communication studies. Globally there is a need of research and development of high quality computer education in every sphere of the changing world. There is a need in technical education reform in other spheres of Human resources development. Bright Future Institute of Technology” has been opened by a group of Branches from all blocks of Gopalganj District in the end of year 2015. The basic aim of the institute is to import high quality computer Professional education to the youth of India in it and Technical fields. The Institute will be produce best skilled young Professional and Educationists. Who will not only serve the nation but will have a valuable say in the management of different scientific Development. As the MD of institute, I invite you to visit our campus and give us valuable suggestions. I assure you of our full co-operation and Looking forward for your positive response.




Udaybhan Pratap Mishra
Managing Director Cum Secretary
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